General Home Inspection – Including thermal imaging sweep and visual inspection for mold:

Under 1,200 square feet  – $250.00*
1,200 – 1,999  square feet – $275.00*
2,000 – 2,499 square feet –  $300.00*
2,500- 2,999 square feet – $350.00*
3,000-3,499 square feet – $400.00*
Contact us for pricing of larger homes
There is a $50 surcharge per each additional unit of multi-unit properties.

Radon test –  $125


Point-of-Sale Well Testing – $250
Septic Tank Inspection – $300
Certain municipalities and counties require a point-of-sale inspection of the well and/or septic system prior to the sale of a property.


Well water testing(Bacteria, Lead, Nitrate-Nitrite) – $150.00
Expedited results in 2 business days – $170
Bacteria only testing available at a lower price.

Well Flow Rate and Pressure Testing – $50

Thermal sweep – free with a general home inspection or $75 alone

Thermal imaging report – $275 alone or $250 with a home inspection
This is a thermal imaging intensive report.

Expert Testimony – Contact us for pricing



*All prices include applicable sales tax. Up to one detached two car garage for a home with no attached garage will be inspected at no additional cost. Other detached structures are not included in the price of a home inspection. Unattached structures including but not limited to sheds, barns, pool houses, pools, and additional detached garages may be inspected for an additional fee.