Cleveland Home Inspectors 

The city by the lake and the lifeblood of Northeast Ohio is a truly special town. There are two undeniable facts about Cleveland. The first is that it has seen better days and the second is that Cleveland is an up and coming city that is poised to become better than it ever was. Almost every area and neighborhood of Cleveland is growing and rebounding in ways that would have never been expected even a decade ago. We, at Pinnacle Home Inspection Services, are not only part of Cleveland, Cleveland is part of us. Like so many people in Northeast Ohio, our ancestors took root in this country, in Cleveland. The houses are filled with opportunities granted to those from the past and are ready to provide the same hope to people in the future. The roads are the paths that the men and women who built America took to work and more importantly the roads they took home. The neighborhoods are littered with over a century of families and friends sharing food from the ‘old country’ and then growing to share barbecues of hotdogs and hamburgers. We look forward to providing all of your inspection needs in Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Quality Residential Inspections

Looking to buy or sell a property? Before signing on the dotted line, partner with Pinnacle Home Inspection Services. Whether you need a home inspection or condo inspection, our team will provide the necessary details for you to take the next step with confidence. Serving in Cleveland, OH since 2005, we’re the one-stop shop for all property inspections in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Call us (234) 738-3514 to speak to our knowledgeable staff about any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.


Why Hire a Home Inspector?

A residence can look picture-perfect on the surface, but can contain hidden problems that are hard to detect by the untrained eye. By investing in a reputable inspection company, you won’t come across any surprises after purchasing the property. Our detailed reports are easy-to-read and show visual examples of areas in the home that need some TLC. All of our home inspections whether it is to buy or sell a house include thermal imaging, so even issues that are invisible can be documented.

An assessment from an inspector can also assist those trying to sell. Scheduling a home inspection before officially listing will help maximize the asking price. Our thorough examination could reveal defects that may have threatened to stall or lose a sale, saving you from dreaded eleventh-hour negotiations.

The Pinnacle Advantage


We’ve already developed a reputation for high-quality services. Listed below are some of the ways we go above and beyond:

  • Certifications: The more training an inspector has, the better the service will be. Our professionals have earned hundreds of hours of certifications and training in the home inspection industry as well as hundreds of hours of college level coursework in STEM fields. Additionally, our inspectors are Infrared Certified to provide the most accurate information through our thermal imaging services.
  • Complimentary Benefits: With every full home inspection, thermal imaging services and for our pre-purchase inspections we provide a home buy back guarantee.
  • Customer Service: Our support doesn’t end after sending the report. Feel free to call and ask us questions about the property at any time.

We also provide radon tests, wood destroying insect inspections, water quality testing, and well pressure testing services.

So if you are in Cleveland and looking for a home inspector near me, consider contacting Pinnacle Home Inspection Services

Cleveland Home Inspectors